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"We therefore concur with Rintamaki and Reyna that this fluorescent mineral is indeed sodalite, and that this is the first verified sodalite documented from the state of Michigan."

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What are Yooperlites?

Recently discovered by Erik Rintamaki, Yooperlite rocks are actually Syenite rocks that are rich in fluorescent Sodalite

In 2017, Erik went out on a beach in Lake Superior with a UV light and discovered dozens of these glowing rocks. To the naked eye, they look like gray rocks, but under the UV light, the mineral composite makes the rocks glow.

From humble beginnings, Yooperlites are now an internet and news phenomenon and have been featured on TV & news sites across the globe.

Erik wants people of all ages to learn more about Yooperlites and other rocks and minerals.

how to find Yooperlites

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